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Psycho therapy and the Sensitive in mind
« เมื่อ: มิถุนายน 28, 2017, 06:39:00 PM »
There are beautiful people out there, sensitive and tender at heart.  1 thing they often possess in common: they have problems with low self esteem, depression and the like.  Many times they function in the social field, but they might come from any occupation.  Often they don't fit into society whatsoever.  Whatever they try, it's impossible for them to discover a suiting place.
On the flip side, there are the strong manipulators available, often unscrupulous and insensitive.  Exploiting mom earth and their fellow men, they blossom.  They have found a way to fight depression.  They act, control, manipulate and collect power.  I am sure they're depressed also, but they've found a means to suppress it.  A life of manipulation, dependent on power and might, lacks among the most crucial ingredients of life, wich is love.  Where love is missing, there's senselessness.  And where there's senselessness, there is depression.
There are people pointing out just how wrong the Bible is now, since it proclaims 'the humble will inherit the planet'.  "Would you think of a dumber line ?" , they request.  The only individuals inheriting the world would be the super rich and those with big formations and nukes.  Nothing meek about that.  It is said that it has ever been the guys with all the iron fist who lead.  From the beginning of time till the end.  If your meek, you will only wind up being the man behind the guy.
I do not concur with this statement at all.  It's based on a total misunderstanding of the term meek, as it was employed by Jesus and so many other strong personalities.  It confuses meek with weak.  That's a significant blunder.  This isn't merely the fallacy of this strong (and the ones dominated by them), but of the tender and sensitive hearted too, who need a different world of respect and love.  They feel threatened by the manipuators and exploiters.  They fall in anxiety and depression.  They frequently fall into the trap of getting passive victims.  "The world could be so lovely", they sigh, "when there were not this greedy bad men and women, who seem to not get enough"
I shall proclaim another theory here: Meekness is complete power.  It is quite a bit more powerful than anything else.
Let's first deal with the wrong idea of meekness to weed out it.  To be meek in the incorrect sense will certainly cause depression and frustration.  It is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of impotence and powerlessness.  Meek persons of the kind always feel dependent on the whim and arbitrariness of the persons in charge.
The very sensitive and intelligent people fall into this snare.  They believe that they could never become cruel, stone and immature hearted because the oviously successful men and women.  The Darwinian concept of evolution brainwashes you: "If you want to survive, you have to be the fittest.  The rest is doomed to drown.  Fittest means to be hard, harsh, cruel, cruel, calculating and powerful."
I have been taught like this in my childhood.  My decision was that I'll probably never become successful, as I couldn't even stand a ant to be murdered.  There's no healthier person, not only to survive, but to live, than the meek one.  Truly the humble shall inherit the planet, yet this kind of meekness is completely different.  It can rid you of depression.  It will offer a new perspective to your life.  It will provide you a feeling of control and power.  It can guarantee you total independence.
Actually misunderstood meekness and the show of premium manipulative power are of the same type.  They look different in the surface just.  These really are a guaranteed source of depression and frustration.  Both are based on a lack of internal strength and independence.  While the powerful man is actively fighting to get recognition and approval, mainly by himself, the week ones have left their claim for respect.
However, their weekness is often much closer to real power than the outward display of management of this seemingly strong.  These are often completely weak inside, driven only by their greed for recognition, for which they're happy to transgress all laws of life.  The soft and tender person naturally has a lot of respect for these unbreakable laws.  When they're carefully guided to discover their inner invulnerability, they will instantly begin to blossom.  When they are taught to totally step from the idiotic game of artificial competition by accepting the actual identity of eternal bliss and knowledge, then they're in any manner be superior to even the most powerful manipulators.  Life itself will probably be at their disposal, offering them some sort of opulence, independence and strength.  Outside strenght will be reduced to a mere shadow of their ability of pure conscious nature.
Those powerful individuals, whose power can be made upon arrogance and exploitation, will find it almost impossible to leave their pathological addiction to stuff superiority.
Therefore rejoice, you, who are sensitive and tender at heart.  Come out from depression and anxiety.  Reclaim your heritage of power.  The sole reason, why a false display of artificial power are able to keep the whole world mesmerized is that much more kind and sensitive persons will need to come forward to show the irresistible power of love, kindness and concern for the needs of the others.  The famed British mathematician, philosopher and writer Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) has stated the following: "The whole issue with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts ."  These doubts can be overcome with the ideal advice and education.  Reality never facilitates power based on arrogance, cynicism and also unscrupulousness.  It could be tolerated for some time, but very shortly it is the reason for it's own destruction.
On the other hand fact consistently supports love, freedom, sensivity, compassion, meekness and esteem.  These qualities would be the features of life.  If you cooperate with lifes inherent temperament, who'll blossom eternally.  Escape the habit of complaining, wailing and imprisoned.  Get out of anxiety and frustration.  You may be much nearer to your power than you think.
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